Web3 Social is here.

SGB Chat is the first web3 social network built on Songbird.

Web3 Social is a place where social media is fully decentralized, permissionless and all the data is owned by users. The way it should be.

Let's leave the old world of corporation-controlled social media behind us and move towards a decentralized future. We promise, it's going to be a lot of fun!

Brought to you by the Songbird Domains & Punk Domains team.

SGB Chat Rules
  1. Be respectful: Treat others with kindness and avoid offensive language or personal attacks. No hate speech and no racism.
  2. Avoid spamming: Refrain from posting multiple identical or irrelevant messages and excessive self-promotion.
  3. Use appropriate language and content: Keep your language and content suitable for a diverse audience on SGB Chat.
  4. Give credit and cite sources: Acknowledge and attribute the original authors or sources of information when sharing on SGB Chat.
  5. Keep personal information confidential: Personal information that comes up in the conversation should be kept confidential.

SGB Chat rules were confirmed by the governance via Snapshot on 21 July 2023 .

$CHIRP token

$CHIRP is the official token of Sgb.Chat, designed to reward and empower active contributors.

$CHIRP token address is: 0x81aDd7359f2B95276F8542f2a0acD7ECD2Ae9349

Regarding the $CHIRP token:

  • $CHIRP is a valueless souvenir token.
  • Anyone who mints a post on Sgb.Chat will receive $CHIRP tokens (this campaign will take place for 1 year).

Airdrop details:

  • Eligible participants for the airdrop include both .sgb domain holders and active Sgb.Chat users.
  • If you own multiple .sgb domains, you can claim the airdrop for each domain you have.
  • Users who have minted a post as an NFT on Sgb.Chat will receive an additional $CHIRP airdrop.
  • To claim the airdrop, go to the Airdrop page in the left sidebar of SGB Chat.


Feel free to post ideas, features suggestions, rants directly in the SGB Chat. Or you can drop by our Discord and share your thoughts there.